Marathon Training Journal

Marathon Training Journal: Day 7

If It’s Not Fun, Why Do It? It’s day 7 of my live marathon training journal and it’s time to have some fun. My Sunday run is completely unstructured. It is anything I want it to be. Usually when I leave the house, it’s still a blank canvas. I like to merge from the warm-up […]

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Marathon Training Journal Day 4

Marathon Training Journal: Day 4

Marathon Training Journal, Day 4 Carries More Pain! I am in so much agony today. Between the core session on Monday, the cross training yesterday and the runs on top of it all, I feel like I’ve been beaten up in a brawl. I even tried rolling out my shoulders and upper arms with a […]

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Marathon Training Journal Day 2

Marathon Training Journal: Day 2

Never Be Too Quick To Judge a Run Marathon training, Day 2 and here is my training journal entry. I make sure I do a thorough warm-up before I start my run. Even so, it takes at least three miles before I really find my groove in the workout of the day. The first couple […]

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