High Weekly Mileage

Running 100 Miles a Week

Who wouldn’t want to run 100 miles a week through the hottest part of the summer? It was June 2020 in Florida. I wasn’t training for anything and any planned races were canceled. So what in the world possessed me to do something like this?

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running in 2020

Did You Keep Running in 2020?

I did plenty of running in 2020. You just couldn’t see me. While I didn’t stop running – in fact, I think I ran more mileage last year than any other year – I did disappear from social media. It was almost 17 months, I believe. And I realized after very recently starting to put […]

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home brewed hydration

Home Brewed Hydration

Well, Fall is here and temperatures are dropping – for most of us. It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when we don’t feel hot while running outdoors. This simple, inexpensive and quick recipe for a home brewed electrolyte hydration beverage was sent to the runners by the loveliest nutritionist, who I met at the […]

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not in the mood

When You’re Not In The Mood

Imagine if we only did things when we felt like it. Pretty cool, huh? Think of life where you only did what you wanted, if you wanted and when you wanted to do it. If you’re not in the mood, skip it. No consequences. What a shame (or a blessing?) that it isn’t so simple. […]

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Lettuce and Veggie Soup

Is that Lettuce in My Veggie Soup?

I am absolutely terrible at following recipes. There’s always something I have to tweak or adjust. Sometimes it’s because I don’t have an ingredient on the list.  Usually because I’m so darn picky and almost always, it’s because I just can’t leave the script alone. That’s how I end up with lettuce in my soup. […]

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Glass City Marathon 2019

Running a Marathon on Low Mileage

You know how, when you’re training for a race, there’s always something that gets in the way?  I figured out that’s just life. There will always be some obstacle to deal with. Accustomed to running higher volume, I went into this marathon on low mileage. Comparatively, very low mileage. The tough part is that no […]

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