no goals

No New Year’s Resolutions, Thank You

On a typical New Year’s Eve, I have no goals. It’s like some kind of ritual. Every year as the holidays draw nearer, people turn their minds to what they want to accomplish in the new year and we start hearing about all the new year’s resolutions. I’m not against them in any way; I […]

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Roasted Tempeh Chips Recipe

Tempeh Chips

These delicious tempeh chips are cheap and easy to make and instantly became a favorite for a healthy grab and go option for me. I did a nutrition challenge with Nutritionist Elizabeth Inpyn in the summer. One of my dietary flaws was too little protein. When I added more to my daily meals, it left […]

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Baked pumpkin

Baking Pumpkins for Carb Loading

One of the many things I love about Fall is lots of squash. I love to bake pumpkins and butternut and really, almost any kind of squash. It might be nature’s way of making sure I get my starches.  This is a good thing before an endurance event when you want your glycogen stores nicely […]

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