Wholemeal Bread

Wholemeal Bread. Simple food is good food.

I'm not always good with my starches and I'm a rare runner who doesn't like pasta. It's a texture thing and I've never been crazy about bread unless it's straight out of the oven or toasted long enough that the smoke alarm gets excited. I like wholemeal bread.

This is a very simple recipe. No fancy additions or overpowering flavors. You can make it more exciting by adding a little more sugar and some dried cranberries, seeds, walnuts or anything that suits your mood at the time. This is one of my base recipes and I almost always have what I need to put it together without the need to go shopping.

This bread bakes a little quicker than some of my other recipes, in spite of the size of the loaf, so don't venture too far from the oven when you put it in.

Let me know how you eat your home baked bread.  Hot with butter melting into it? Do you cool it down and add something savory or do you just eat it as plain?


wholemeal bread


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