Lettuce and Veggie Soup

Is that Lettuce in My Veggie Soup?

I am absolutely terrible at following recipes. There’s always something I have to tweak or adjust. Sometimes it’s because I don’t have an ingredient on the list.  Usually because I’m so darn picky and almost always, it’s because I just can’t leave the script alone. That’s how I end up with lettuce in my soup. […]

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Roasted Tempeh Chips Recipe

Tempeh Chips

These delicious tempeh chips are cheap and easy to make and instantly became a favorite for a healthy grab and go option for me. I did a nutrition challenge with Nutritionist Elizabeth Inpyn in the summer. One of my dietary flaws was too little protein. When I added more to my daily meals, it left […]

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Baked pumpkin

Baking Pumpkins for Carb Loading

One of the many things I love about Fall is lots of squash. I love to bake pumpkins and butternut and really, almost any kind of squash. It might be nature’s way of making sure I get my starches.  This is a good thing before an endurance event when you want your glycogen stores nicely […]

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