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Make Healthy Snacks Your New Fast Food

If your healthy options become your grab-and-go snacks, you're more likely to reach for those, instead of the alternative junk.

Take out the Trash

Clear out the cookies. Hide them from your view. Push them to the back of the cabinet and don't store them where you see them each time you go get something else you need.

We have plenty mason jars and they are wonderful for storing prepared salads, dressings, parfaits and an endless list of wholesome choices. Not only that, if you layer the ingredients attractively, they look more appealing.  For me, it isn't just the presentation.  I'm busy.  Who isn't? If I'm running behind schedule or don't have time to make something fresh, I'm going to open the fridge and go with what I see that is quick, easy and looks nice.

Plan and Prepare

Now as fabulous as mason jars are, for all the above reasons and more, glass containers are not always practical. Find some friends who like Talenti ice-cream and ask then to save the little containers with the screw-top lids.

Kids get home from school, you fix a snack and half an hour later they want another one.


There are veggie sticks in the fridge.

The bottom line is, until it becomes a lifestyle, whatever is easiest is going to win.  We just don't have enough time in the middle of the day to add in extra chores when there's a quicker option.  Set aside a time when you are not busy, prepare some fruit and veggie sticks and have them ready.

food prep

I always like to squeeze some lemon, lime or orange juice into my prepared carrot sticks.  Even in a sealed container, carrots tend to dry out faster than other fruits and vegetables.  Experiment with different ingredients.  Mix them up or keep them separate. Add some spices for flavor.

Changing old behaviors takes time.

This is one small thing that will save you time.  It's so simple and doesn't take long to prepare. And your body will thank you for it.

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