Can you trust the integrity of race results?

Everyone involved in a race relies on the integrity of race results. Runners, sponsors, volunteers, charities, beneficiaries; all of us. So when race results are inaccurate, altered, subjected to errors, or anything that affects them in any way, the ramifications are widespread. Imagine finishing a race that actually goes well and leaving, wishing you hadn’t […]

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no goals

No New Year’s Resolutions, Thank You

On a typical New Year’s Eve, I have no goals. It’s like some kind of ritual. Every year as the holidays draw nearer, people turn their minds to what they want to accomplish in the new year and we start hearing about all the new year’s resolutions. I’m not against them in any way; I […]

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Why I Don’t Race at Races

My 10 miler on Saturday had to be the strangest race I’ve ever experienced.  I already wrote a review on the craziness of the event and there were a lot of things that went wrong. It left me feeling weird all day yesterday. I didn’t run yesterday, which was Sunday. There was no motivation to […]

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The Anguish of an Injured Runner

This is an account of my personal experience of dealing with the psychological and emotional impact of a running injury. I am not a professional and do not offer any advice or recommendations. I won’t sugar coat it. It hurt to spend a few months as an injured runner.  My aim in writing this is to remind […]

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