Marathon Training Journal Day 2

Marathon Training Journal: Day 2

Never Be Too Quick To Judge a Run

Marathon training, Day 2 and here is my training journal entry.

I make sure I do a thorough warm-up before I start my run. Even so, it takes at least three miles before I really find my groove in the workout of the day. The first couple of miles bear almost no significance to the rest of the run at all.  Basically, I usually huff and puff and don't feel too good for the first 20 minutes.

That's when things come together. Or they don't.

I have a simple approach because I know my body. Give it three miles. If it still totally sucks, reassess. There are times to push through and there are also times when it's absolutely fine to call it a day. Usually I push through, because by three miles, I know I have to do the laundry for the running kit. Yes, I sweat profusely. I'm a little stinker!

Marathon Training Journal Day 2

Profuse sweater running in Florida in the Summer. This is a pretty standard post-run scene.


Suck It Up, Buttercup. It's Training Time

I woke up this morning pretty sore from yesterday's core workout. Aching shoulders and arms were not going to make fast running very comfortable. But then, people who choose to run a marathon aren't exactly looking for a comfortable experience.

Today there were some drills after the warm-up, followed by an easy pace and then 4 x 1 mile at 10k race pace. Despite my dislike of speed work, I do enjoy mile repeats and tempo runs so I didn't set out dreading this run. My aching body was more of an issue and it quickly sinks into the mind and makes me try find reasons why an easy run would be better for me. It's called fighting off excuses.

Those Darn Race Pace Numbers

Still, there were doubts that I'd be able to do it. I don't run 5K and 10K races. In fact, I have only ever done one of each. So hitting those paces and sustaining them is really hard for me. Paying attention to my watch is an even bigger problem.

My approach was to go out and do my best. Not every workout has to be perfect to get results. You get one opportunity for each run to make it what you can. There are plenty of days in a training phase to put in the work and adjusting goals is not a bad thing if it comes to that. I'm willing to work hard, but I'm not prepared to be miserable in the process. It's a fine line. Sometimes you just need to pick a side and define it.

By Mile 4 of easy pace I figured I'd give those miles . I carried on an extra half mile knowing the traffic light might stop me so I didn't interrupt my fast segments. I don't like it when I have to stop. It messes up the rhythm of my cadence.

I'm Awake Now

Then something happened. I came alive! I think the drills help a lot. My training program puts a lot of variety into the workouts. You never do the same sequence over again. There's always a twist and it really helps me keep my attention on the meaty part of the run. The drills definitely send the wake up call to your legs, even if you're feeling tired.

So I hit all 4 of those mile repeats near or under target pace:

Splits for today:
Lap 1: 8:00
Lap 2: 7:53
Lap 3: 7:39
Lap 4: 7:43
Lap 5: 7:24
Lap 6: 6:55
Lap 7: 6:58
Lap 8: 6:34
Lap 9: 6:20

I'm feeling pretty tired now, but so glad I pushed through.

Sometimes the runs you doubt the most have a pleasant outcome.

Oh and Garmin told me I ran my fastest 5K today. I wonder how it decides which portion of the run to select for a distance? It never makes sense to me.

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  • Rich Brown August 2, 2017   Reply →

    Good Job Speedy! Wow, didn’t realize just how fast you wear. Nice negative splits.

    • Lee Beem August 2, 2017   Reply →

      Thank you so much Those are not my regular paces! Negative splits are my thing though. It’s a game I started in my ignorant beginner days. I’d try beat the traffic light phases in the distance and see how few changes I could get into the last mile. It became a habit, even though I had no clue what a negative split was.

  • Ed August 2, 2017   Reply →

    Love all your posts and blogs, especially as in marathon training as well.
    Do you listen to music when running?

    • Lee Beem August 2, 2017   Reply →

      Thank you, Ed! I don’t listen to music when I’m running. I did when I started running. There are a few reasons why I stopped. I’m not against it at all, but I run much better without it. I shaved 90 seconds off my mile pace over about 6 weeks when I ditched the earbuds. I suddenly heard what a terrible, heavy breather I was and felt shocked that I’d been running out in public making such a noise and had no idea because my ears were full of music. Also, running in the dark I like to have my senses turned on. But when I started music helped keep me going and I’d look forward to a run because I’d carefully edit a playlist every night – so it has its place. If I ran on a treadmill I would probably use it for all my easy paced runs.

      • Ed August 2, 2017   Reply →

        I`m the same, I don`t listen to music either. I found that I don`t really listen to it, but also running on roads, even with only one bud that can`t always hear traffic properly (I run on country roads). Plus I find that I concentrate on my form better without being distracted.

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