Marathon Training Journal Day 11

Marathon Training Journal: Day 11

Thursday means hill repeats. At least, until the program switches things around so I don't get too comfortable in a routine. Who would want to be comfortable in marathon training? It is also a double run day, so there is an evening run as well …. as always, weather permitting!

It's Day 11 of my Marathon Training Journal and it's going to be a good day. Because I said so, that's why.

The Run

There was not much different today from last week's hill workout. I did feel stronger though.  Part of it may be that I don't ache as much as I did last week. It's pretty hard to get your body to move quickly when every muscle you have aches from a strength session.  That time on the foam roller last night probably helped a little, too.  I'd say it  didn't hurt … but it's a foam roller!

I did about six miles before I got myself around to The Hill. I say ‘about' because I didn't check exactly but it's probably in the ballpark somewhere. The important part is that I was warmed up, woken up and mentally ready to put a good effort into my workout.

Marathon Training Journal Day 11

Sprinting Up & Rolling Down

My sprint should be at least 60 seconds so last week I found a landmark to mark my start point.  That gave me around the minute I need.

After my first sprint I realized I must have been a little faster than last week so I had to pace back a bit and start farther down the hill.

I changed the way I did my recoveries this time though.  Instead of taking a break at the bottom before hitting the next repeat, I took a break at the top to let my heart rate settle a little.  Then I ran down at an easy pace, made a sharp u-turn and went right into the sprint.

This is where figuring out how your body works can be helpful.  I find it hard to go from stationary to fast pace. It is much easier for me to start my sprint when I'm already moving. It might be worth playing around with this a bit. I'm always curious to know what difference varying approaches make, if any.

The workout included six to eight repeats. I did six.  I'm keeping my speed work to the minimum option. My ultimate goal is to be trained for the distance. I may change the way I attack these workouts as I progress through the plan. I'll see what my body tells me to do.

Nature's Reward

By the time I was done the sun was starting to come up. It's like nature gave me a gift for my effort.  There is something special about finishing a run to the tune of a gorgeous sunrise. I don't get that in winter. It's still too dark when I get back home, so I enjoy each one as though it were the last.

When I completed my previous marathon training cycle I was able to say honestly that I had no regrets. I gave it my all and pulled back when I felt I needed a breather. I loved that feeling and I want it again.

Marathon Training Journal Day 11


Thunderstorms Threaten the Evening Run Again!

I don't care for running in the rain. Some people love it, but it's not for me. Rain water in my eyes means I can't see properly and that makes me panic.

The storms rolled in earlier than predicted and I hoped that was a sign that the skies would clear earlier.

The thunder and lightning would just not go away!  I kept postponing dinner and then offering to make it earlier. It was just me and our daughter as my husband was away for work. She said she would wait.  Eventually, the rain turned to a light drizzle and the thunder rumbled away in the distance. I took my gap and went for it, making sure I wore my old sneakers so I wouldn't have soggy feet for my long run in the morning. Squelchy shoes. That's another thing I don't like!

The temperature was beautiful. It was in the mid 70's, which is a rare treat at this time of the year.  The rain continued as a soft steady drizzle and the breeze after the storm lingered. It was quite refreshing and I could still see where I was going.  I put in an easy four miles and came home soaked to the bone, but feeling happy and accomplished.

Training Journal Day 11

Tomorrow is my favorite day. It's a long run day. I'm planning twelve miles, but I'll take whatever I can get.  Long run days are the best!

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