Training Journal 2 runs a day

Marathon Training Journal: 2 Runs & a Core Workout

Two Runs and a Core Workout (that kicked my butt)

It was one of those days that went smoothly because I didn't know what was in store for me. Had I known, apprehension may have held me back. Two runs, one in brutal heat and a core workout.

It's like going on a roller coaster in the dark and not knowing what's next. You still scream, but you can't anticipate it.

I had a lovely, comfortable run this morning. It was about duration – or time on my feet – more than anything else so distance and pace were pretty irrelevant. The goal time to be out running was 75 minutes and I think I was within a minute or two of that so I am pretty pleased with it.

Training Journal easy 10 miles

Yes, I really did feel pleased with myself and the run left me feeling fresh and alive, not beaten up. Why can't they all be like this?

Own Today

Sometimes when I update my journal and I have a run like this, there isn't much to say about it. The strange thing is that these are the really fantastic runs. There is nothing that particularly stands out, but I feel better when I get back than I did when I left.  You know when someone asks you how your run was and you tell them “It was good,” and you realize as you answer that there was nothing spectacular about it? That's pretty much how I felt this morning.

It checked all the boxes. I am happy with it. But it sounds so dismissive and boring when you say it was just “fine.”  I was thinking about this as I drank my electrolyte water. Staring mindlessly at my wrist wrap that says Own Today, I realized it means more than that.

This is my run. Every run is my run. No matter how it feels and even if it doesn't go the way I would like it to go, every run I do isn't only about that day. It isn't even about where it's going to take me. There is so much invested in past months and perhaps years that goes into every workout I do. Without all the work I have done before, I wouldn't have my run today.

Own Today

Nobody else can run for you. Every run is yours. Own it.


Shuffling Priorities. Me First!

The day was steadily busy. I decided to prioritize a few things differently and only dealt with anything that was urgent for today. The past few weeks have been pretty crazy and the pressure of trying to fit things in has caught up with me more than just a few times. So today my priorities were simple. I'll tackle urgent things and then take care of my own needs and my family. Anything else will be squeezed in if there is time. Anything not done today will be waiting for me tomorrow.

Tough Core and Leg Workout and a Dog Plank Wipeout

I like Monday core workouts. Most of the work is stuff I'm able to do without feeling like I'm about to collapse into a quivering heap of Jell-O.  Squats and ab work aren't things I dread and being sore from them the next day doesn't bother me. I didn't get to bed anywhere near the time I wanted to last night and I also failed to go over my training plan before I went to bed.

It turned out to be a mixed blessing.  The number of sets and reps  increased, some of the exercises were different and I got a really good sweat going on this one.  Milo, one of our Labradors, provided comic relief while I was quivering near the end of a single arm plank. He was thrilled to see me at his eye (and nose) level and rushed up to lick my face, toppling me over in a heap. Best side plank ever! I don't recall laughing doing planks in the past. Thank you Milo!

I have never been great at push-ups.  It doesn't bother me, but I have been working on them for a long time. So what if I collapse before the end of the set!  I  still get back up and complete them.

My husband finds it strange that I find them so hard.  He reasoned with me that because I'm not terribly heavy, I should find it easier to do them. For reasons that completely escape me, that's not the case.

Time for a Personal Victory

I was expecting the usual three sets of push-ups. Well, one thing about this training plan is that there is no shortage of variety. You never really get to become too comfortable. Just when I'm at risk of falling into a comfortable routine, the instructions change.

So the three sets of push-ups  expected turned out to be four sets.  And there were more reps.  Oh, well this is going to take a long time!  Guess what? I sailed through ALL of them. Every single one without stopping. Where did that come from?  I have no idea, but I do know where it's going to hurt tomorrow!

Shake It Up

A year ago the thought of going for a run right after a workout like this would have made me cringe. You live and learn about how your body works. I know that if I can get a short run after some strength work, my muscles are not nearly as tight the next day.

If you've been reading some of my updates, you'll know that I am starting to enjoy my short evening runs. It's not as humid and the thunderstorms we usually get in the afternoons take the bite out of the heat. There was no storm today. The heat index was 102 and the temperature in the 90's.  Of course I didn't even look before I left, because I know what I'm doing, right?

Like Running Through a Furnace

Apparently not!  The best way to describe this run is it was like running through a furnace.  The sun was still high and there were no clouds. My skin was burning in the heat and the glare was blinding. I got to a point just over the 2 mile mark where I usually take a mini detour to avoid stopping at a busy intersection. I saw a red light and all I could think was, “Stay red, stay red!”  It did and I stopped.  I was literally pouring rivers of sweat.

What in the world had I been thinking to come out in this? I thought about turning around and going back, but it was roughly the same difference whether I carried on or turned around. I was sure that if I did the math right, one way was quicker. To shave 0.1 mile off of this would be worth it. The only problem is that the heat had disabled the math part of my brain and trying to make a decision was wasting calories that I needed to produce sweat; or more importantly, to get me home.

Run Like You're On Fire

I stopped again another mile in.  There was about 0.8 miles home from that point. I considered walking, but I just wanted to get out of the sun. Getting home as quickly as possible was the only thing on my mind. There was only one thing to do. I could do it; not quite a full mile.  Run like hell!

So I did. My lap time for that last 0.79 miles was a 5:35 pace. I don't think I've done that before and if I have, it must have been one of the days I didn't check.

When I got home I had to get someone to unlock the door for me. I was sweating so profusely I couldn't grip my key!

Sweaty Finish

Yes, that was sweat pouring off of me, not rain.

If I have learned anything today, it's to check the weather before I go out. I'm so tuned into making sure there is no lightning that I didn't even look at the current temperature. I earned my ice cold drink.

Hot Summer Run

Tonight I shall have plenty to drink so I can rehydrate and tomorrow I'll be smart again! My next run will be in the dark. No sun!

Carefree Runner

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