Training Journal: Day 16 - progression run

Marathon Training Journal: Day 16

Speed Workout: The Progression Run Generally I like these runs. I do much better with a faster finish. That allows me time to wake up with a slower start.  This season I have a new challenge to master in my Progression Run. You see, I would start out at a pace that was easy and […]

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Marathon Training Journal

Marathon Training Journal: Day 14

2 Weeks Down; 14 To Go Two weeks into training and it’s quickly become part of my daily routine. I love that every day is different. In fact, I’m sure I secretly love having some workouts in the plan that aren’t my favorite. It makes the ones I do enjoy even better. But don’t quote […]

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Marathon Training Journal Day 12

Marathon Training Journal: Day 12

It’s my favorite day of the week. Distance has always been my preferred workout. Pick the pace I am in the mood to run, adjust it if my mood changes and just keep going. I’ve often wondered if some of us are more predisposed to the Runner’s High than others.  I don’t get it with […]

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Marathon Training Journal Day 11

Marathon Training Journal: Day 11

Thursday means hill repeats. At least, until the program switches things around so I don’t get too comfortable in a routine. Who would want to be comfortable in marathon training? It is also a double run day, so there is an evening run as well …. as always, weather permitting! It’s Day 11 of my […]

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