Endurance running

run gone wrong

Run Gone Wrong

I managed to completely sabotage my beloved long run day.  It’s not so much that I did anything wrong. The trouble is, I neglected some basic key things that I do without thinking and for most if it, I didn’t do anything right. The result was a run gone wrong. Stupid stuff, but lots of […]

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regular training run

Back To Regular Training Runs

For the first time since Saturday, I got to enjoy a good ol’ regular training run. It was fun doing things a little differently the last few days. It also made me appreciate how easy it is for me to slip out the door every morning with plenty of choices for how and where to […]

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running more miles

Running More Miles: Day 38

With a last minute memory jolt that I have a race (and I use that word very loosely) this weekend, I’m actually fine with leaving out the long run. A short-long run would do and anything beyond that is purely going by feel. The nice thing about running more miles than I plan is it’s […]

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too sick to run

Too Sick to Run? How Do I Know? – Day 31

There is something really frustrating about being ‘almost sick’.  I have had this lingering cold and it’s enough to make me feel crappy. I don’t feel too sick to run, or bad enough to stay in bed and abandon everything. At least the day started this way. The morning started off with a great, comfortably […]

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