run gone wrong

Run Gone Wrong

I managed to completely sabotage my beloved long run day.  It’s not so much that I did anything wrong. The trouble is, I neglected some basic key things that I do without thinking and for most if it, I didn’t do anything right. The result was a run gone wrong. Stupid stuff, but lots of […]

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running more miles

Running More Miles: Day 38

With a last minute memory jolt that I have a race (and I use that word very loosely) this weekend, I’m actually fine with leaving out the long run. A short-long run would do and anything beyond that is purely going by feel. The nice thing about running more miles than I plan is it’s […]

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Marathon Training Journal Day 12

Marathon Training Journal: Day 12

It’s my favorite day of the week. Distance has always been my preferred workout. Pick the pace I am in the mood to run, adjust it if my mood changes and just keep going. I’ve often wondered if some of us are more predisposed to the Runner’s High than others.  I don’t get it with […]

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